SiteLight is google Chrome extension designed for site owners looking to casually monitor the position of their website in google searches.


You can obtain SightLight from the Chrome Store


Sites you own are highlighted in google search results. All normal functionality is unaffected.

You can add as many sites to the monitoring list as you like


Visit the Chrome Store to download SiteLight

Once installed and enabled, load a google search page.

You will see an icon at the right hand side of the address bar. 

Right click the icon and select options.

Enter the URLs of the websites you want to be highlighted (without the http://) one per line, click save, and close the options page.

Start a google search and if your website is in the results, you should see it highlighted so you can quickly scan the page of results.


At the moment, Sitelight is only setup to work with .fr and If you would like to see other urls, please get in contact and I will update SiteLight