WP Deploy

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WP Deploy is a plugin designed to solve some of the difficulties experienced by developers working in teams using version control software and multiple stages of deployment (local, development, staging, production etc.)

More specifically it allows multiple config files to be added through the admin system and then dynamically switched depending on the URL a user is accessing the site from.

In this way, a wordpress installation can be added to an svn repository (or any version control system) and checked out in multiple places that might have needs for differing config files.


As well as database details and site urls, you can turn certain wordpress capabilities on or off depending on which server the current instance is running on.

These capabilities are

By restricting access to these functions, we can enforce practices that a development team has agreed on.

For example, to ease deployment, the team may agree that all prelaunch content is created on one server. At launch time, only one set of uploaded images need to be copied to the server.

You may be using an automated deployment script for staging servers. Most of the time, these automated versions wont be checked back in to the repository. In the case of upgrades and plugin installations, if these are installed on the staging server they won’t get back in to the repository. By enforcing where the upgrades are performed, we can ensure the repository always has the most up to date version of the code and avoid conflicts on automated servers.


WpDeploy is now available in the wordpress plugin repository.


You can also download it directly through the plugin installer.

Usage instructions